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tv   Today  NBC  December 10, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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the fog. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25. >> stay with us for the events in the next 48 hours. good morning. cruelty and lies. outrage over the new report calling out the bush administration for using brutal and in one case deadly techniques on terror suspect post 9/11. this morning a former ica chief who headed up the program more than two years joins us live. did he lie to congress about what was happening as the report claims? under water, a huge nor'easter leading to major flooding in the northeast. drivers trapped, homes evacuated while an historic storm bears down out west. the glamorous life, william and kate wrap up their visit in a star-studded gala in new york city.
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if that dress looks familiar, it is. why kate proved once more you can wear it again. time for taylor? what about putin or protesters. we've shown you the short list and we're about to reveal "time" magazine's pick for person of the year exclusively. today, wednesday, december 10th, 201 2014. >> from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. today is a wednesday morning. have you cast your vote for person of the year? >> or persons. >> that's right. never know. we will find out exclusively who that will be a little later in the show. >> then we will unleash the debate to talk about who wasn't chosen. >> we'll get to that in a little while. to the top story, that damning senate report in the wake of 9/11.
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the program went much farther than any knew. that report laying it out in explicit detail. this morning, a lot of people are appalled. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the latest on this. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. the debate continues to rage on that the cia tortured detainees for years at secret prisons around the world. >> the cia is fighting back arguing the twin towers were still smoldering when the agency was ordered to take on al qaeda, an agency told to do whatever it takes. >> people at the cia who worked with this program know it worked. how do you think we captured all these terrorists? >> but the report written by senate democrats says it overstated its successes and
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reduced its horrors. >> krarcontractors paid $80 mil at interrogation and techniques were brutal. >> in afghanistan a veritable dungeon called the salt pits, one sfrtripped naked. died of hypothermia. and khalid shaikh mohammed nearly drowned three times and started making up stories. a fake nuclear suitcase bomb and that they were recruit iing african-american muslims in montana. and this man blindfolded threatened with a gun and cordless power drill. the court found the harsh practices not limited to waterboarding went far beyond what president bush acknowledged to matt in 2010. >> we used this technique on three people. captured a lot of people and used it on three. we gained valuable information to protect a country. it was the right thing to do as
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far as i'm concerned. >> with the report sparking headlines around the world today, president obama supported its release, telling telemun telemundo -- >> one thing that sets us apart from other countries, when we make mistakes we admit them. >> for all of the outrage over the reports' revelations the justice department has stoppfiv years ago decided not to prosecute any of those involved. >> and the cia director from the bush administration from 2006 on, i should say most of the conduct that we heard about took place before you were cia director. we heard about waterboarding and near drowning and one near naked nearly died and not pleasant to talk about. rectal rehydration medically
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unnecessary. i know you don't believe this meets the legal definition of torture. does it sit right with you. do americans have the right to be appalled? >> i don't know if they have the right to be appalled. it's probably a good thing americans get to know with some accuracy about what the central intelligence agency did on their behalf. i don't know that the report that was released yesterday is that historically accurate report. it reads like a prosecutorial screen rather than historical document. >> do you disagree with anything just recited by andrea mitchell or anything talked about here? >> i disagree with the facts you're claiming it to be news. these topics are all out there. the rockman death was widely known, death of another detainee just given to us in iraq from special force. also known. by the way, savannah, neither of those deaths were in this program, the program we're talking about of high value detainees president bush was talking about in that film clip
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you just saw. >> you're saying it's not news. in essence, it says that it was acknowledged about waterboarding went much farther for example we knew there had been waterboarding we didn't know it was described by cia officers who saw it as escalating into a series of near drownings that sleep deprivation went on up to seven days. it is more layered in thedy tail, isn't it? >> it may be more slightly layered in the details. everyone knows what waterboarding does. it prompts the anti-drowning reflex in an individual. i'm sure it's horrible but it was also horrible for tens of thousands of american airmen whom we used it against for their training. >> the report singles you out in particular a 38 page appendix where it lays out testimony you gave to congress and where the report alleges there were inconsistenci inconsistencies. >> right. >> do you feel you've been accused here of lying and misleading congress and what's your response to it? >> my response is i didn't lie
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and i didn't mislead congress. savannah, give me a minute here. i know you have a lot of questions. let's describe this spring of 2007 conversation i had with both chambers, with both the house and the senate. i was the first director of cia to go down and actually convince the white house that we needed to expand knowledge of this program beyond the narrow gang of four or gang of eight. i actually argued within the administration that we needed to tell all of the members of the committee. that going forward, we needed to device devise a plan that wasn't based on strictly raw presidential authority but hat political support from the other political branch so going forward this would no longer be identified as george bush's program but america's program. my plan was to put my arms around the other political
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branch and find a way straightforward. i was straightforward and gave information as i knew it to be and the agency knew it to be. savannah, the agency's rebuttal to this report broadly supports the outlines and testimony i gave in 2007. look, my objective here was to get these people to be part of the game. they spent most of the time yelling at me, so it was a real opportunity lost. >> and very quickly, i heard you say in the interview a few minutes ago, when cia officers were conducting these techniques listed in the report they felt they were doing the nation's will? >> absolutely. look, the way the nation speaks to us is the president authorizes something, we inform the congress, the attorney general says it's legal and the director of cia says, i think this is going to be effective, it's worth the gamble. at that point, you think you have a social contract with the american people, not with a particular administration. so what's happening now, these folks having the rug pulled out from under them, people who
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thought they were doing what we wanted them to do, that's unprecedented. >> former cia director general michael hayden, thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. let's move on to a different story, potent problems on both coasts, snow leading to flooding in the northeast. out in california, they're beginning to feel the effects of a powerful system there this morning. al, good morning to you. >> thanks so much. we are watching two storms, two coasts. we have low pressure developing. there's a lot of warm moist air coming out. big slug of moisture coming here and along the backside of that low we have colder air and that's where we're seeing the snow. this is going to be another 24 hours where we will be dealing with snow in upstate new york, parts of pennsylvania, the rain starts to die down. look how the snow spins around and comes around that low pressure system. we are talking generally 6-9 inches of snow, some areas up to
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a foot and a half to 2 feet of snow. and we find dylan dreyer where it's coming down pretty good right now in new york. >> reporter: it certainly is. we drove through nothing but rain until we started climbing the mountain. today, we are cold enough for snow all throughout new york state after an independent elevation snowstorm. it was the wind and ice that created problems creating spinouts and even a deadly accident in sullivan, new york, early tuesday morning. it was heavy rain that created problems and delays on the roads and airport. along the coast, beaches were battered in new jersey by huge ocean waves and rough surf and wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour brought flooding on the coast of massachusetts. now, as this snowstorm starts to slowly pull away, we will see the snow linger across parts of new york all the way through
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thursday and maybe a foot of snow. we shift to the pacific northwest. big storm system there and this will bring in not only a lot of rain but a lot of wind. we are talking windgusts along the oregon coast up to 100 miles an hour. that will cause big problems and this system pushes south. by friday morning we have rain down to southern california where they need it. generally speaking we're talking anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain in northern california and southern oregon. as we move to the south, we're talking anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain in southern california as well, again, they just got pounded last week with heavy rain and mudslides and probably seeing a repeat of that in the next 48 hours or so. >> thank you so much. well, it was fun while it lasted. right now the dutch achess and
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duck of cambridge are back home. right now, international correspondent, kate snow has the info. >> i have it for you. this is the moment you've been waiting for. the du duke and duchess all decked out. a glamorous end to a worldwind trip. the duke and duchess didn't disappoint. walking up the steps past an honor guard of st. andrews, a place they love. kate wore a jenny pa krrckam dr she has worn before. almost 20% of its students are american and the duke braising its alma mater and poking fun at its reputation. >> [ inaudible ] [ laughter ] >> reporter: it was the final event of a trip that took
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william to the white house and brought the royal couple face to face with a kind of american royalty. there were flowers left on the 9/11 memorial leaving a handwritten note in sorrowful memory of 9/11 and the courage to rebuild signed simply. kathryn and williams. touring the museum, pausing to ask questions. like any parents away from the kids, they talked about their 1-year-old a lot. with digital innovation, prince william said his son, george, has been plays ipad games and loves them. and a must see for any at the apple. the duke took time to look from the empire state building. it was this scene with city kids that the prince said he enjoyed the most. the duke of cam bridge saying he
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was nearly moved to tears by steven prescotts a monologue about turning his life around. he gave him his contact and says he wants to help the 22-year-old bring the show to a bigger stage. a successful visit leaving people wanting more. you can see her hand right there on the royal baby bump in that picture. you can see it, right? you can see that. she's due in april. how impressive is it that she's wearing that dress? it's a repeat. she's worn it before but she's five months pregnant, you can barely even tell. >> it's not a maternity dress. >> i love she repeetats her dresses. >> most human beings do. >> she's brought. give the girl a break. not many things fit you at that point in time. >> natalie is here and has a dramatic rescue at sea. >> that's right. the reason you never give up. a happy sailor missing since thanksgiving. the coast guard had all but
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given up on the search until one more distress call nearly two weeks later brought them to his rescue. >> it was a miracle on the high seas. >> anybody picking this up? >> the dress call the coast guard wasn't expecting to hear from 67-year-old ron ingram 12 days after he went missing. ingram and experienced fisherman was sailing from molokai, hawaii to the island of lanai, when his sailboat started taking on water. he sent out two mayday calls before losing all contact. the coast guard and navy conducted an extensive search before calling it off on december 1st. >> i say, i don't think you should call off the search because i don't think he's gone. >> almost two weeks later the coast guard picked up the disdistress call 80 miles from his last location and nearly 80 miles from the nearest ship.
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>> great job to hear it and recognize it. >> he was found within a half hour dehydrated and hungry but ininjured. >> they said, we found your dad. he's alive and well on his boat. for him to be live is awesome. i can't believe it. a rule that prosecutors can appeal oscar pistorius's murder charges. he was convicted in the lesser charge of homicide in the death of his girlfriend. prosecutors argue the judge misinterpreted that he did not intentionally shoot steenkamp. it will now go before south africa's court of appeal. protests shift today to california where protesters want to shut down a federal building in response to police killing of black men. they took to berkeley,
7:17 am
california for the fourth straight night. hundreds marched through downtown streets, briefly blocking a state highway and delaying train service. breathtaking video you have to see from slovakia, where two hikers discovered a frozen lake so crystal clear it appears they were walking on water. isn't that amazing? you can see the rocks down below. turns out snowy conditions fa s forced the hikers to abandon their plans in the mountains and instead went to the stunning lake below. that is a detour worth taking there. >> you have to have a lot of confidence in that ice to walk on that. >> slowly. >> you can see everything. there's my contact lens. >> thanks. mr. roker. >> all right. let's show you what else we have going on around the country. in between both coast, we have fog throughout parts of texas. we're looking at sunshine through the gulf coast. chillier than usual temperatures through the southeast. we will detail that in the next
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half hour. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. give a little joy. a book is a gift like no other. and barnes & noble is like no other book store in the world. with so many books to discover and the new nook by samsung now a full featured tablet. a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a thin veil of low clouds over the golden gate bridge. fog though, you'll fiend that through gilroy are the tri-vall tri-valley. bracing for the heaviest rain in over a decade in the bay area. not going to arrive until tonight in the north bay. and slowly start to move to the south reaching south bay by tomorrow afternoon. but before that, high wind for the whole bay area starting
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tonight, fierce wind tomorrow morning. a break over the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. >> tamron is in for carson in the orange room. we're talking about "time's" person of the year. we're moments away from the big reveal. >> indeed. as savannah mentioned, "time's" person of the year, today is the day. we decided to take a look at "time's" short list and compare it to our viewers and who they selected on their facebook page. we know the names there at "time's" short list. who is moved out by our viewers and who is moved in. here we go. vladimir putin replaced by tim cook and mr. mas replaced by taylor swift, according to our viewers. number one pick, according it our facebook page, ebola caregivers. that's the viewers' vote. "time's" exclusive announcement here on "today." >> that's right, in our next
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half hour. tamron, thank you very much. coming up, nfl commissioner roger goodell reacts to our exclusive interviews with ray and janay rice as the league gets set to release a new policy on domestic violence. the most daring ski run ever. first this is "today" on n what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device.
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those three important reasons are why eliquis is a better find for me. ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. very good wednesday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the bay area bracing for what may be one of the strongest storms in years. work crews out in force today trying to clear drains and limit potential flooding ahead of tomorrow's storm. a flash flood warning takes effect tonight. there's also high wind and high surf advisories starting at about the same time. protests, morphed into looting last night in emeryville near berkeley. demonstrators struck businesses in san pablo including a pack and save, liquor store and cvs. protesters closed highway 24. no word on the number of arrests. later this morning the golden state warriors unveil a
7:27 am
design update for mission bay. some critics mock the look insinuating it look loike a toilet. to have the stadium by start of 2017. good morning to you. we are bracing for that potent storm system. you're able to get outdoors without dodging showers. wind will pick up and counting on the first heavy downpours in the north bay 6:00. 68 in the south bay. 69 on the peninsula. you hit 66 degrees in the north bay before that rain moves in. want to point out a flash flood warning in place for the bay area. that's going to remain in place until tomorrow night. high wind warning counting on gusts up to 60 miles per hour. 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts frequently here in the bay area. and we also have a blizzard warning in place. that goes for tahoe for 6,000 feet. we could see up to three feet of snow. moves in like i said, 4:00,
7:28 am
stays in north bay until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. mike and your drive. >> looking at a slower drive buftz mo because of the morning commute. san mateo west 92 slows here to the peninsula where we have low clouds drifting around as well. we show you first of all the east shore freeway slow here. recovery, rehad an earlier crash at san rafael bridge toll plaza. slower drive after of west 580. slow to the san mateo bridge. from the san mateo bridge, fog through morgan hill and 17. ♪ ♪
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♪ 7:30 now on this wednesday morning, december 10th, 2014. will it be a movement, a mastermind, a musician? who will be "time's" person of the year? we'll have the answer exclusively coming up in a moment. >> exciting to hash that over a little bit. first, take a look at what's making headline this is morning. we are seeing widespread flooding across much of the northeast as that slow-moving nor'easter dumps more rain on this region. in the boston area, more than three inches fell in just a few hours. >> there is new fallout around the world this morning over that cia torture report. u.n. official says u.s. government officials should face, coat, criminal penalties for the harsh tactics used on terror suspects after 9/11. sad news for natalie.
7:31 am
the royal visit comes to an end. will and kate shined last night at the metropolitan museum of art. >> i never even got a wave from them. also from across the pond, sir paul mccartney will join us live, telling us about something he has just done for the very first time. there's always a first. >> very cool. don't miss our supersized holiday steals and deals especially if you know a kid who wants an american girl doll for christmas. >> hold me, matt. all right. we begin this half hour with nfl commissioner roger goodell speak out after our exclusive interview with ray and janay rice. stephanie gosk is here with more. >> roger goodell will announce the long-awaited personal conduct policy. getting exclusive insight on how he intends to reshape the league's handling of domestic
7:32 am
violence and the criticism that surrounded his decision making. >> i don't know what my legacy will be. i'm not concerned about it. what i'm concerned about is doing the right things and continuing to make the nfl more popular. >> reporter: unprecedented access to the nfl commissioner, following the most trying ordeal in the league's history. >> i'll let other people worry about legacies when i'm done. >> reporter: "the wall street journal's" monica langley, following roger goodell for four weeks, as he works on reshaping how the league handles cases of domestic violence abuse. >> he knew very little about the issues. i have to say now he's about to put in place one of the toughest personal conduct policies for domestic violence in corporate america. >> reporter: from 2000 to 2013, there were 135 allegations of domestic violence against its players, toughest suspension amounting to one game. in some cases, no punishment at
7:33 am
all. that changes today. goodell is set to announce a sweeping new policy that includes putting accused players on immediate paid leave while the league conducts an independent investigation. it's an issue that made headlines after the february assault of janay rice by her husband, then ravens running back ray rice. she recently criticized goodell in an interview with matt. >> when the commissioner, roger goodell, says ray was ambiguous, and the nfl says it was a starkly different sequence of events, is the commissioner lying? >> i can't say he's telling the truth, you know. i know for a fact that he told -- that ray told the honest truth that he has been telling from february. >> reporter: the journal asked goodell for his reaction. >> i don't take those things personally and i wish janay well.
7:34 am
we understand and we may have different views about what happened, but i certainly don't have any reaction to that. >> goodell is presenting that new conduct policy in front of team owners today. the league has an uphill battle getting the players onboard. nfl players association said the demands for the policy have been largely ignored in that goodell has less of a role in disciplining players. >> let's get a check of the weather with mr. roker. we have storms on both coasts. and in between, dallas and parts of central and northern texas, they'll have more fog again this morning. probably decent airport delays, as they did yesterday as it burns off. temperatures in the low 60s. big ridge of high pressure. lot of moisture. that's what's been causing that
7:35 am
fog. look at these temperature highs today. billings, 14 degrees above normal at 54. denver, 57 degrees. rapid city, south dakota, 56. look at florida. oh, this time of year, let's head down there. key west, 64 degrees. miami, 69. even orlando will see temperatures in the 60s well > 6 oovm 3 7 cloudy and breezy. windy in the north bay. win spreads south. overflight, an idea of the tiling of the heavy rainfall. stop the clock at 5:00. ararives in the north bay, doesn't make its way into san francisco until 10:00 a.m. moving no south bay noon tomorrow. nen six to eight hours of heavy rain. >> all this crazy weather, make sure you get the latest. go to weather channel on cable or online.
7:36 am
>> thank you very much. coming up on "trending," could you decide to get married after dating less than a month? nicole kidman tells us why she did. next up, will it be putin, protesters, taylor swift? we are revealing "time's" person or persons of the year exclusively here after this. not to be focusing, again, on my moderate my goal was to finally get in shape. to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i finally made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance on humira. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months.
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we're back now at 7:40. we've been preparing you all week long. this morning it's time to reveal "time" magazine's person of the year. joining us monday with a short list of the magazine. she's back now to announce the selection. nancy, good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> since you announced the short list, have people been bending your ear all week long am. >> everyone has a point of view, everyone has an argument to make. >> we took our short list to our viewers and they've been voting.
7:41 am
we saw their selection earlier. we'll find out if they're right in a second. why don't we do it this way? start now and you can counterus down from position five to position one. we'll hold before we reveal the person you've chosen. but at number five? >> jack ma, ceo and founder of ali babba. >> number four? >> the president of iraqi kurdistan. number three -- you're very good at this, by the way. >> vladimir putin, russian president. >> a lot of people may have made the case for number one for mr. putin. number two? >> the ferguson protesters and all those who followed after ferguson. >> and that leaves us with number one. and we should have a drum roll. who is "time" magazine's person or persons of the year? >> the ebola fighters. >> tell us why you made that choice. >> this was the worst outbreak in history. while officials were in denial and very slow to respond, these
7:42 am
men and women did the hard and dangerous work of treating patients and protecting the rest of us. it's an exceptionally great amount of courage and kindness and bravery that's required for them to do what they did. >> you've chosen five different covers. these are fighters who are operating in different parts of the world, most in west africa. i think the most recognizable figure for americans will be this gentleman right here, dr. kent brantley. he was in liberia, treating ebola patients, good samaritan first, and then contracted ebola himself. >> three of the five are survivors, two are doctors, one a nurse, one an ambulance driver, one a health care worker. they represent hundreds and hundreds of other whose also ran into the fire, as they say, and really did this to protect their communities and to protect everyone else from this spreading even further. >> with dr. brantley, after he recovered from the virus, he donated his plasma to help other
7:43 am
ebola paeshs get better. he found out about this news just a day or so ago. i'm happy to say that dr. kent brantley joins us on the phone now. dr. brantley, it's a huge honor. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> how do you feel about it? >> matt, this is a huge honor. it's an incredible honor to be part of the group that's being recognized as "time" magazine's person of the year. i think it's fitting that most ebola fighters and those who paid the highest price for their service are, themselves, west african. it's an honor for me to be considered part of that group. >> while you're honored i'm sure there's mixed emotions in this, too, kent. >> you know, there are, because this is not simply an historic event that we're looking back on, but it's still happening right now. ebola fighters are not just people who did something brave and courageous. they are still in the trenches, fighting that war, as we speak. >> and these fighters, ebola fighters operated under
7:44 am
incredible odds. i think you told me when i first met you several months ago that when the outbreak came to your clinic, of the first 16 or 17 patients that you saw, all but one died. resources were tight. how did you and the team, and how do others continue the fight under those circumstances? >> it's a very challenging situation, but there is no choice but to continue the fight. it is a battle for life and death. and you can't give up. >> and i know you also probably want to recognize the people at emory university hospital in atlanta. that's where you were brought, along with nancy writebol and others. that's where you were treated. they share in this honor as well. >> absolutely. the people at emery in nebraska, in dallas, in maryland. they're all part of this group. >> well, dr. kent brantley, congratulations. it's kind of an odd thing to
7:45 am
say, congratulations. but it is a huge honor. thank you for joining us on the phone this morning. >> thank you, matt. >> and i think this is also an important selection, nancy, because this story's not over. >> it's not. and to the extent this was a test of our ability to fight a global pandemic, it didn't go well. and if we don't learn lessons from what these men and women can teach us, we will have missed a huge opportunity and at the cost of a great many lives. >> nancy gibbs, thank you. "time's" person of the year -- actually, persons of the year, the ebola fighters. thank you for sharing with our viewers. >> thank you, matt. >> we appreciate it. the issue hits newsstands friday. tamron is in the orange room with your top moments on twitter in 2014. plus, one of the most clever ways we've ever seen to get out of a speeding ticket. ways we've ever seen to get out of a speeding ticket. ...and tkind of like you huffing sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it
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back at 7:50. we'll swing over to tamron in the orange room for twitter's year in review. >> twitter is out, as savannah mentioned, with its hot moments of 2014. this was the hash tag that ruled the world, #world cup, 21.6 million tweets, guys. can you believe that? >> that's mazing. >> half of them came from natalie. >> i love soccer. >> before i swipe, what do you think was the most shared tweet? >> no idea. >> here we go. here we go. it was -- come on, guys, this moment. >> of course. >> from the oscar. >> the selfie. >> yes, sitting in at 3.4 million retweets.
7:51 am
of course, ellen's post kicked off what they're calling the year of the selfie, savannah. your favorite word. the word selfie mentioned 92 million times. that is up 500% from just last year. >> i think we should retire that word in honor of it. >> yes. >> right? >> i think it's only going to go up from here. we got in on the fun. mike's selfie on the plane with jon hamm. we're no angels charlie, our funny faces. but if ellen's the queen of the selfie, there is but one king, ladies and gentlemen. are you prepared? >> yeah. >> to see greatness in action? al roker. i give it up. there's not a celebrity who entered this building that did not take a selfie with senor roker. >> self-a-thon. >> do you have a favorite selfie, al roker? >> boy, i can't even think -- i
7:52 am
can't remember what i took this morning. >> johnny wier was fun. >> yeah. >> that's a good one. >> i enjoyed everybody. >> tamron, thank you very much. coming up, more expensive than college. why the cost of daycare for your kids is sky high. plus, are you saving money with our steals and deals? we'll show you how to save. you won't believe the bargains under those bokxes, including something that the fans of american girl dolls. your with edible arrangements,
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> very good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, another morning of cleanup in the east bay after protest got out of hand last night. in some cases demonstrators turned into looters. groups targeted businesses including a pack and save, liquor store and cvs. we talked to police this morning who told us they needed extra help to cover the chaos. >> we did as best we could, we're a small agency, only 13 officer on aid. this is something that shouldn't happen in our city and it's frustrating for us. >> no wore on the number of arrests. protesters angry over the grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york. the bay area bracing for a huge storm tomorrow touted as one 0 the largest in years. crews are in force, cleaning drains, people getting sandbags
7:57 am
ready. christina. >> good morning to you. in the upper 60s -- >> we'll take a look here. check out how the low clouds may aban issue. 101 south bound you see slowing through palo alto. typical pattern. look at south bay, really kicked in for your northbound, 85, 17. did have fog as well that might have compounded things. north 101 slowly but middle field where there's a crash brakibra brakibra backing up one 101. crossing the bays a factor and eastbound 80 out of san francisco, crash towards treasure island might be an issue. >> big changes. watch out for fog. tri-valley and gilroy. highs end up in the 60s. and our big weathermaker arrives as of 5:00 p.m. in the north bay. heavy rain stays in the north bay all the way until 5:00 a.m.
7:58 am
tomorrow. slowly moving south by 10:00 a.m. reach the south bay by 2:00 p.m.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, sticker shock. >> i'd pretty much give my entire paycheck to take my kids to school. >> why day care has become more expensive than college in most states. plus, rebel yell. ♪ ♪ this is how we do >> crushed it. >> from "pitch perfect" to "night at the museum," breakout star rebel wilson is hitting a high note, and she's here in studio 1a. ♪ well she was just 17 and sir paul, legendary musician paul mccartney joins us live to talk about trying something new at 72. today, wednesday, december 10th, 2014. ♪
8:01 am
>> good morning, alabama, from new york! >> good morning, florida! go, 'noles! >> two girls in the big city! ♪ >> good morning to our kids, matty and braden in lancaster, pennsylvania! >> happy birthday, mom! >> good morning, papa, grammy from tennessee! >> that was a cute baby. morning, everyone. it's 8:00 on wednesday, december 10th, 2014. selfies everywhere happening on our plaza. great to have you with us. we have the largest steals and deals ever in our history this morning. >> now, that's saying something because she's done some pretty big ones. >> she's done super-sized ones, but this is uber-sized. jill, what's the first bargain? >> that's right. uber super sized and we want to
8:02 am
get the deals going starting with the guys in your life. okay, you see the sweaters here. these are men's sweaters. the retail is $76 to $85. two styles. the v-neck and the zip overknit, 100% supima cotton comes in ten colors. machine washable, sold at nordstrom's and macy's. the deal, $21, up to 75% off. and we have nine more deals coming at 8:19. so we will see you then. and these are golf sweaters. so these are good for matt. >> deal. okay. >> if you're going to watch this, auch it with your computer open because i'm told these deals -- i mean, they sell out almost immediately so go fast. >> get them while they're hot. >> act early and often. nine more deals to go ahead including something from american girl. let's go inside. natalie's got a check of all the stories. good morning again. >> good were monthing to you once again and good morning, everyone. a national debate is now raging over the senate report tuesday that accused the cia of using ruthless interrogation tactics
8:03 am
following the september 11th terror attacks. that report also says the cia misled the bush administration and congress about the value of information obtained through torture. on tuesday, president obama told telemundo that admitting our mistakes sets the u.s. apart from other countries. but he added that nobody can fully understand what it was like to be responsible for the security of the american people after the attacks. we have a new development in the case of jackie, the woman whose "rolling stone" account of an alleged gang rape at a university of virginia fraternity party cast a harsh spotlight on campus sexual assaults. well, this morning jackie's legal aide attorney issued a statement thanking the news media for their sensitivity toward jackie. shh went on to say i will also take the opportunity to let others know that threats and attempts to extort and/or intimidate have been and will continue to be reported to the appropriate authorities. "rolling stone" meanwhile has cast doubt on jackie's account, but jackie's former roommate says that she still believes
8:04 am
jackie went through a traumatizing sexual assault. now to some health news and on the flu. the annual season of coughing, sneezing and fever is back with a vengeance and a bit earlier than usual. experts are warning that the flu vaccine may not give you the full protection this year. nbc's john yang has our story from hard-hit la grange park, illinois, just outside of chicago. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. for the second straight day today, the halls and classrooms of nazareth academy won't be filled with students and teachers. they'll be filled with cleaners. officials are trying to stop a flu outbreak here that's left about a quarter of the school's 730 students out sick. nazareth academy sent students home early on monday, canceling classes, athletics and other activities through today. in a statement, administministr esches said they wanted to give the school a thorough cleaning and end the cyclical spread of germs. natalie gleason thought she'd be
8:05 am
safe because she got the flu vaccine. >> i'm still all stuffed up. i have a cough and a fever. >> reporter: illinois is one of six states where officials say the flu is widespread. nationwide, cases have risen dramatically in recent weeks. >> this year we're seeing things starting off a little more soon than we would normally. >> reporter: the flu is blamed for empty desks in schools in kansas city. >> really hits hard and fast and, you know, takes a lot of kids out with it. >> reporter: and in dallas. >> all of these children were just diagnosed with the flu. and all of them have said they got flu shots this year. >> reporter: cdc officials say more than half of flu viruses currently circulating are slightly different from what this year's vaccine targets. but doctors say it's still a good idea to get it. >> the vaccine still will be effective, partially effective but nonetheless effective. >> reporter: officials say that while cleanings like the one going on here may help, the most effective ways of stop spreading
8:06 am
the flu are the old standbys, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, stay home if you're sick, and wash your hands. natalie? >> all right, john yang outside of chicago for us, thank you, john. prince william and kate, the duchess of cambridge, spent wednesday night at a gala in honor of the 600-year-old university where they first met. on their final night in the big apple, the royals attended a star-studded fund-raiser at the metropolitan museum of arts. the event was held to raise money for st. andrews university in scotland. after that, the couple boarded a late-night commercial flight back to london. any good magician can pull a rabbit out of his hat, but this one made a speeding ticket disappear. steven brundage was pulled over friday while driving home from a performance in new york city. when the officers learned he did magic, well, they asked to see a trick. so he quickly solved the rubik's cube, and the officers apparently were so impressed, they let him go with just a warning. and it's done. 8:06 right now.
8:07 am
let's get another check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. >> i tried to get out of a ticket by giving the forecast. it didn't work. so that's much more impressive. got some friends here. what's your name? >> jaden. >> who's this? >> jay. >> and who's this? >> alex. >> where you guys from? >> rigby, idaho. >> rigby, idaho. did you bring any potatoes with you? >> back at the hotel. >> very nice. well, thank you. let's show you what we've got going on, both coasts looking at wet weather. syracuse, new york, we're looking at snow. it is coming down. they could pick up 8 to 12 inches of snow before this is all over. snowfall amounts, in fact, some areas could pick up to a foot and a half. and in the upper elevations up to two feet of snow. and then out in the pacific northwest, more heavy rain for seattle. they're looking at strong storms, strong winds. the oregon coast could see wind gusts of up to 100 miles per hour. rainfall amounts up to eight inches to ten inches of rain in the pacific northwest.
8:08 am
that's what's going on around 8:07 on a wednesday. looking at some really treacherous driving conditions at this time tomorrow. but for today, overall looking pretty good. little fog out there. watch out for that. up and down the coastline, it's not that thick. you'll find thick patches in the central valley this morning, also thick fog in the tri-valley. 68 degrees later on today in the south bay. a lot of rain on the way, first arriving in the north bay by 7:00 p.m. stays there all night long, then it moves south as we head through tomorrow afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. >> any skiers here? >> yes. >> see if you would like to pull this off. on trending, the ultimate run. what one very brave skier just pulled off. all right. and then carson will join us live from l.a. with this season's just announced finalist on "the voice." speaking of singers, sir paul mccartney joins us live. first these messages.
8:09 am
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that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. if every driver in the u.s. kept here's a qtheir car's you: tires properly inflated, how many gallons of fuel could america save each year? up to 2 billion gallons? 4 billion? 6 billion? the answer is... up to 4 billion gallons. by keeping your tires properly inflated, you can increase your car's fuel economy and reduce its co2 emissions. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here. we're back at 8:12. you know what time it is. time for what's trending today. >> a lot was said over the past year. let's start with the quotes of 2014. some of them reflect the nation's ongoing trouble with
8:13 am
race "i can't breathe," been in the headlines a lot lately. "hands up." "don't shoot." you may have forgotten others, donald sterling saying it bother mees a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. there, the ongoing struggle with race. other quotes, bridget anne kelly saying, quote, time for some traffic problems in ft. lee. that one got an awful lot of attention. how about hillary clinton saying she and president clinton left the white house not only dead broke, but in debt. i will just say the two words for this next one. you tell me who wrote this. conscious uncoupling. >> something we didn't have in 2013. >> conscious cuff link. >> by the way, how long did it take you to realize -- >> my segue for that.
8:14 am
>> thank you. when did you know you wanted to marry eight months. >> six months. >> in the january "elle," she knew after a month. she said, quote, i'm spontaneous and jump in. i kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other." to her it's a more natural process, and by the way they have been married eight years. she knew after a month and then they got married a year and a half later. >> a couple out on the plaza eloped after knowing each other three days. been married for 50 years. >> did you mention she wakes up and said she wants to have a baby every month. >> she said i wake up every month hoping i am pregnant. and then the important selfies of 2014. we have an end of the year list.
8:15 am
the queen photo bomb. and then there are better things to do at that moment with the running of the bulls. wilmalouise, then and now. and my favorite, the elephant selfie. >> now it's being called the most insane ski line. one of the pros stepped up to the challenge and slid down this ridiculously steep chute in the alaskan wilderness. and he is being honored for his fearlessness, and winning ski line of the year, and hold on to your breath -- >> oh, my gosh. >> love that gopro video, right? >> how do they do it? >> oh, man. >> big finish here. >> oh, it's not over yet.
8:16 am
>> amazing. >> if our luze run, we would have hit every wall in the canyon. the hollywood reporter just put her atop its power 100 list. she is a terrific later. congratulations for that. >> congratulations. we will call you. >> and that's what is trending today. a lot of parents worry about how they will pay for their child's call education, but it's day care that keeps them up at night. >> sending an infant or young child to day care, but who believed this could cost more than college, and a report finds
8:17 am
it is true in more than half the country. >> the average cost for infant care is actually higher than tuition and fees at a four-year public college. >> almost 11 million children under the age of 5 are under some sort of day care and it can triple a budget. for an infant, parents pay on average more than $16,000 a year. >> child care is a huge part of my budget. i work pretty much and give my entire paycheck to take my kid to school. >> prices vary, but the report finds the least affordable state is new york. followed by vermont, oregon, nevada, minnesota, colorado, wisconsin, massachusetts, and rhode island. what can parents do? >> we needed to fined a day care solution so we were working parents with career and we needed to work at the same time.
8:18 am
>> a co-opt day care. it's in pasadena, california. parents take turns as helpers, reducing the cost. many work places offer flexible spending accounts letting parents pay with pretaxed dollar. monday, your home, and tuesday at mine. >> the cost of child care in most regions of the country are more of a household expense than rent, transportation and then food. rent, transportation and then food. >> reporter: as cost rise, increasing challenge for many working parents. with daycare the biggest part of the budget. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news. >> good ideas with parents helping each other. >> it takes a village. >> it does. >> for more information head to our website, right now, let's head over to
8:19 am
savannah. >> thank you, matt. jill martin, steals and deals, you have outdone yourself, once again bringing us our biggest edition ever. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we already know about the sweater. >> we have nine more. we have a very big reveal here today. >> can we remind people, go on our website to get the deal. >> we tease the american girl doll already. go on our website have your fingers ready. everything goes live as we reveal it. limited in everything. >> we have a christmas theme. have to really pay attention. this is for her. >> for her. >> drum roll. >> the mary margrol jewelry. that was smooth. >> thank you. >> heart, love, protection pendant and diamond eye. you see all the different ones. hand cast in sterling silver with 14 karat gold yellow plate with a white diamond. jennifer aniston and halle berry. that's 70% off. >> very beautiful.
8:20 am
next, you call this for sweetheart. okay. >> celebrate the holidays and the new year. champagne flutes. >> that's the one i was worried about. >> i was worried i would knock those over. >> it comes in a box so it's ready to gift. carried at neimann marcus, bloomingdale's. deal $30. 70% off. >> absolutely beautiful. next gift for a friend. >> you're going to love this one. >> okay. ta-da. >> ooh, i love the lift. >> good thing you glued these down, jill. >> these are four full-sized body butters for the price of one. you see all the different scents here. can you split it up into four stocking stuffers. >> four for the price -- that's a raging deal. >> $116, the deal $29. 79% off. >> great. little gift for baby. >> this is my favorite. this is the burt's bees baby
8:21 am
gift set. you got t you know a lot about onesies and bibs and burp cloths. >> yes, i do. >> everything you need and more gift box, retail $74.95, from bedtime to bath time, 13 pieces. swaddling blankets. the retail $74.95. the deal $22.49. >> is it different sizes? this is 0 to 3 months. >> yes, and 6 to 9. go on the website to see the sizes. >> this is for the hostess with the mostest. >> this is as om. acquiesce candles. i love the ooh. four-piece set of sorassorted
8:22 am
holiday candles. the retail $160. the deal $48. 70% off. >> they have a nice, strong fragrance. some of the candles you buy barely smell. >> nicole kidman used these in the one month. >> wait, i've got a situation. >> retails $495 to $1,495. men's, women's and unisex watches. hybrid stainless steel. silver tone, rose gold. tons of options. it comes in a signature box. it's ready to gift. amazing deal. retail $495 to $1,495. the deal $69 for any of them. that's up to 95% off. >> that is a showstopper of a gift. really pretty. cool. >> time to get a watch for someone. >> exactly. good one. all right. for the fashionista among us.
8:23 am
>> this did so well we wanted to bring it back, theodora scarf, retail $135. these are so beautiful and so soft. and these are just an amazing gift for anyone in your life, any fashionista. fans of the brand include oprah, heidi klum, reese witherspoon, jessica alba. the deal $39. that's 71% off. >> they're beautiful. >> super soft and they're big. you can really wrap them around. they're seasonless. you can wear them all year round. >> great for travel, too. >> look for colors on the website. >> we're all about gift giving but this next one is for you, something to buy for yourself if you wanted to? >> a gift for you is nice. >> retail $39. this is a girl's night out makeup stencil set. everybody always writes in, how do i do a smoky eye? it's very difficult to do. sometimes you look like a clown when you're done. this gives you everything you need from eyeliner to instruction cards on how to achieve the look.
8:24 am
the retail $39. the deal, $11.70. that's 70% off. >> and it comes with a brush? >> everything you need for the smoky eye. >> beautiful. gold star, what does that mean? >> oh, a gold star. this is it. all the fingers are typing. american girl dolls, retail $172. this is exclusive for us. you get the doll, the book, the accessories and isabelle's kitten. american girl. she's the "it" girl, 2014 girl of the year. and she is an inspired dancer with a flare for design and studying performing arts in d.c. >> wow! >> i want isabelle's life. >> her hair is soft and pretty, too. >> the retail $172. the deal $68. >> the internet is exploding. sweaters from cutter & box, mary margrill jewelry, orrefors
8:25 am
flutes, burts, alcohol we ez, invicta watches, and, yes, american girl doll. go to our website and hurry about it. >> super sized. >> let's toss it over to matt. i have rebel wilson here. she's showing me how to take the perfect selfie. do you want this horizontal or vertical? >> horizontal, like the way i do my running. >> on
8:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. 8:26 now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's being called one of the biggest storms in years, and now bearing down on the bay area, crews are actually out in force today. they are clearing drains ahead of tomorrow's storm. pg&e tells us they are bracing for a lot of power outages, as well, as a result of the storm. christina loren tells us some places may see three to five inches of rain over 14 hours. flash flood warning takes effect tonight. also high wind and surf advisories starting about the same time. that could make for a messy commute tomorrow. what about right now? >> folks are going to look for what you just talked about, clogged drains. help clear that out, that will be an issue. over here, bay bridge and the
8:27 am
low clouds and fog is an issue for many parts of the bay. your map, slow drive down the east shore freeway and west 580, specifically from san leandro to the maze. fog not playing a major issue, but it may be drifting around where you drive. typical slowing near the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. it's the south bay, northbound routes still slow north 101, 680, 237. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update for you in about half an hour. hope to see you then.
8:28 am
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♪ we're simply having a wonderful christmastime ♪ 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 10th of december, 2014, 15 days until christmas. you want to get shopping if you haven't started already. we've got swrjill martin actual doing elf duty for us, collecting toys for our annual toy drive, well under way. go to our website for more information on it. >> if you hear the music in the
8:31 am
background that's a good way of letting you know coming up a little later in the show we've got sir paul mccartney joining us for a rare live interview. lots of things going on in his life. we'll talk to him in just a little while. >> plus rebel wilson is here. she stars in the new "night at the museum." we'll talk to her about her new movie and the next "pitch perfect" movie coming out. >> can't wait for that one. >> that's right. car sson has the finalists "the voice." spe speaking of "the voice." >> coach pharrell wilson and gwen stefani will be joining carson for the new year's eve countdown. >> let's get to the weather. >> we're getting a little bit of a drizzle on the plaza.
8:32 am
>> more than a drizzle. >> icy conditions inland. wet weather and windy weather in the pacific northwest, into northern california, in between look for showers and fog around northern texas. cooler conditions in the southeast. tomorrow, that cool weather continues. only 71 in miami tomorrow. the rain moves a little further south. mountain snows in southern california. look for rain and snow in the northeast. and, again, chilly conditions continue in the plains on hey, good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's going to be pretty nice out there for the first part of the day. changes, though, as the big storm we've been warning you about starts to impact the bay area as early as tonight. not before a mix of sun and clouds in the south bay, 65 for the east shore and 64 degrees in san francisco with clouds steadily increasing as the storm moves in. there's a flash flood warning issued all the way from tonight, through tomorrow night for the bay area. also a high wind warning, win
8:33 am
coupled with heavy rain tomorrow. >> that's your latest weather. representatives from the connecticut state police union here. your name, sir? >> andrew matthews, president of the state police union. >> you literally have a big check. >> from the national trooper's coalition, we represent state troopers from the california highway patrol to connecticut. we're here today to support you in your worthy cause to help needy children. >> we appreciate that. >> we're segiving you a check f $6,000. >> i don't know how we're going to deposit that. i can't even fold it up and take it inside. we'll just throw it back to you. >> al, thank you so much. on "the voice," three finalists were announced on the show last night. carson, good morning. it's getting exciting. >> it is. thanks, savannah. chris and matt from team adam. congratulations on being our three finalists.
8:34 am
your own coach saved you. now you are absolutely red hot on this show. how important was it to maybe be vulnerable to get to this place? >> really important. it lit a fire underneath me and pushed me to do better each week. and i feel like i've grown a lot. i'm really excited. >> until last night, team adam was intact. this is a lot about him as a coach. what's his style been like for you? >> he is such an amazing coach. honestly, he knows how to keep it light and keep it fun. he's so talented. the number one thing with adam, it's all about the music. that's what i love most about him. >> we're going to bring our wild card winner out here in a minute but craig william boyd as of right now, you represent team blake. that's a lot of pressure there. how has blake been? >> he is -- what you see on camera is what you get behind the scenes. that's what i've loved about him. >> are you ready for this? we have never done this before. an eliminated artist on the show has the chance to come back and >> > are you ready to meet your
8:35 am
wildcard finalist? >> absolutely. >> will you reveal yourself? >> damian. team adam is intact. >> wow. >> congratulations, damian. my goodness. this is the first time we will ever have a final on "the voice" with one coach's entire team intact. what a roller coaster. about 12 hours ago, and we started last night's show and you were eliminated, and you sang and now you are back on. how do you feel? >> i feel incredible. can't ask for anything more other than i am super tired, exhausted, didn't get that much sleep but i am so excited to be here. >> you are one of the more emotional performers, and i think america gets that from you. you could still win this thing? >> it means the world to me. this is one of the things that i said i wanted to make it to, the
8:36 am
top four, in the very beginning and i am very excited. >> we have blake versus adam in a showdown. it's a little david and goliath, perhaps. you used to be on gwen's team. >> yeah, that's right. >> it's going to be an awesome show. >> carson, you didn't even know, you seemed like, who the wildcard was going to be? >> i wanted it to be a surprise. the surprise is going to be for adam when he wakes up. >> surprised and excited. good luck to you, and as carson said, the live finale begins on monday here on nbc. coming up, sir paul mccartney joins us to tell us about something new he is trying. (vo) nourished.
8:37 am
8:38 am
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♪ we're back at 8:39. the super successful "night of the museum" is back with "secret of the tomb." and this time ben stiller has a counterpart, rebel wilsons. >> they let you travel? >> this is unusual. they let me travel. you know where? >> no. >> home, here. home, back here. off to the toot, toot, five-minute maximum. >> that's not even a little bit true. >> rebel welcome back.
8:40 am
it's good to have you here. this is like a billion-dollar freight train motoring down the track, and as the newbie was it hard to catch up with this? >> yeah, it's an amazing cast for "night at the museum." i just felt, and of course, the late and great robin williams. just to join that ensemble is so much fun. >> it's not like you have tackled high profile things in the past. what was different about this? >> it was so set budget, one set alone was $180,000, and i never have been on a set like that, and all the special effects, it's really cool. >> they call it cgi.
8:41 am
you have done it before where you are reacting to nothing? >> not to this extent. a monkey that was in the scene, it was a tennis ball and a head. >> you have to be funny with a tennis ball? >> yeah, trying to interact with it, you feel a little silly. >> in watching the clips, it seems like it was written with you in mind. i don't know whether you just do such a great job with the script, or it was all there on the page? >> i think sean levy who directed the whole trilogy, he has quite a few of teenage daughters who had seen me in "pitch perfect," and "bridesmaids," and they said they wanted me in the movie. i thanked them a lot. >> this is not a spoiler alert. i will not give anything away. >> it's set in a museum. what? i am going to get busted for that. >> it seems to me the way it
8:42 am
ends that you possibly had been handed the torch for future "night at the museum" movies. is that fair? >> maybe they could have a fourth one. >> you have been signed up for a fourth one? >> if i see the money truck, maybe. i love being in there, where can you be funny and have so much action and great special effects. >> always great to talk to an actress who is in it for the art -- >> and the money truck. >> yes. >> you mentioned earlier in the interview, "pitch perfect 2," the pitchers are back, as we like to say. >> that was a crazy amount of fun. "night at the museum," it was filmed in freezing temperatures, and then "pitch perfect 2," it
8:43 am
was in the middle of the summer, so went from two extremes back to back. >> your director from "bridesmaids," is setting out to do an all-female remake of "ghost busters." >> i already know the song. i am ready. >> are you going to be a female ghost buster? >> i have had a meeting, but who knows. who knows? they have to look at the script, when it's finished. >> did they back the money truck up? >> i would do that without the money truck, because, like, the giant marshmallow man, if that's going to be in -- i would do that for free. i probably should not say that live on tv. >> rebel wilson, good to see you. >> happy holidays, everybody. up next, tricks of the
8:44 am
trade. the secrets are actually shared later, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest. you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
8:46 am
♪ >> well, this holiday season, of course, is a magical time. and today's jenna wolf sat down with guys that make magic all year round. >> it's so easy to get swept up in the history with the empire state building, and as i recently found out, sometimes the city's treasures are not so obvious. i recently discovered a little known icon of new york, a social club of sorts for some of the masters of mystery. >> they let anybody in this place. >> i started a diet yesterday.
8:47 am
thank god, that's over with. >> you may not realize at first glance, but this group of old friends, they take a part in history that can only be described as magical. welcome to magic table. a loosely organized gathering of fellow ma phaeupblgtions that break bread, and have a few laughs and trade tricks, and then share tricks of the trade. >> no judgment, but a lot of love. >> new york has long been a mecca for magic. where mackage table has had one or another for several decades.
8:48 am
the tradition goes back long before tv and film when live entertainment ruled supreme. in fact, houdini and his pal gathered in midtown too as they perfected their craft amid a secrecy. >> it's not the general public. >> big names like david copperfield have all come to the table over the years. >> hi, guys. >> and for one afternoon -- >> that's all i got. >> even i was allowed in. >> and the thumb is back. it's not so cool. >> reporter: some make a living performing magic, and others from ages 48 to 92 have spent a life in love with illusions. >> a lot of magicians, they will -- >> i believe in unlimited
8:49 am
credit. >> reporter: why did you want to come? >> i was passional about magic as a child and i lost touch with it and now that i have a son of my own, i got him into it. >> reporter: what is considered a successful lunch? >> roast beef. >> somebody is working on something, you have to figure out how to make it better. >> you get feedback without people really saying anything sometimes, just from how they react or where they look. >> some of these guys are legends and have been doing it forever. >> reporter: some say they are custodians of a dying art, but these entertainers know better. >> people are interested in miracles. you want to see good fortune. they will do that. >> reporter: you would think i would walk away from the lunch with a deeper appreciation of tricks -- but, nothing.
8:50 am
you have to be a master of the craft. you have to be part of this group, and not necessarily the group, but the world of ma tkpwfrpblgt aoeufrpblgtc. they are going to find another place to meet, and they have been doing it for all these years. so -- >> that's a great idea. >> yeah, exchange tricks. >> thank you. up next, sir paul mccartney. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
we are back now at 8:52. sir paul mccartney is one of the biggest rock stars of all time. just wrapped up an 18-month world tour. he is out this week with a new single and individuvideo. it's interesting. >> called hope for the future. it gives us a look at sir paul like we've never seen him before, within the world of a video game. ♪ in the dark where nothing is ever seen finding undiscovered places no one's ever been ♪ >> we're joined now by sir paul mccartney. i say good morning. happy holidays.
8:53 am
and i've known you for a while, sir paul. and i never associated you with video games. what got you into this project? >> grandchildren has got me into this project. >> you figure they would look at you and say, wow, he's with it? he's with the new generation? >> absolutely, yeah. i got asked to do the game halo and i didn't know what halo was. i asked the kids and they said, wow, cool. very interesting, fun to do. it's nice to do something refreshing and new. >> is writing a song for video game different for, i don't know, writing a song for the
8:54 am
beatles? >> basically, it's the same. but because it's a video game, these things are blockbusters. it's like a big movie. so, it's epic. so the nearest thing i've done to that was the sound track for the james bond film "live and let die." i used that as kind of a guide. but basically when it comes down to it, it's the same thing. you've got to have an idea. it ought to be good and it ought to be memorable. and it ought to mean something. so, that's kind of the same as what i normally try to -- >> you don't seem like a guy who likes to sit still very much. you came off an 18-month-long tour, it was eight legs. what is touring like for you these days compared to earlier days when, as savannah mentioned, you were touring with the beatles or with wings?
8:55 am
>> it's really great. it's funny. for me, it seems to improve. what i will do when i'm going on tour with a promoteer, i'll say put one show on sale and see how it goes. hopefully, you'll bring me back and say sao pallo just sold out 45,000 seats in ten minutes. i'll say, okay, this feels good. when i go on stage, i know all those people really want to see me. so it's a party. you know, we just have a lot of fun. i've got a grad great band. we play a lot of songs they want to hear. we have a lot of fun. >> speaking of that, i know you love those songs. but if you could, is there any song from your repertoire that if you never had to sing it again, that would be okay with you?
8:56 am
>> you know, people think that and i kind of think that that ought to happen but it doesn't. you know, i've got songs that if people were going to guess, it might be, come on, you've sung "let it be" a million times, probably sung "hey jude" a million times. but, actually, every time i do them, the warmth of the audience is so great. and they're all holding up -- they don't hold cigarette lighters up anymore. it's the you're watching today in the bay. >> great sir paul mccartney. it is 8:56. good morning to you. one of the biggest storms in years now bearing down on the bay area. the north bay will likely start feeling it tonight or later tomorrow. also a flash flood warning tonight, both high wind and surf advisory starting tonight, as well. crews are out in force, clearing drains ahead of the storm. pg&e also bracing for outages
8:57 am
and everyone is advised to have a stockpile of nonperishable food, flashlights, batteries, water, and a fully charged cell phone just in case the power goes out. meteorologist christina loren tells us some places may see three to five inches of rain. we'll have another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning. ♪
8:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season,
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalieqzmm morales, wil geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. no voice. >> puberty is hitting finally? >> so what happened? >> little sorer)hqthroat, i thi. stay away from the willie mug. >> that's what i1az >> sounds kind of cool like barry white. >> i wish it sounded like barry white. it!
9:01 am
>> that didn't work for anybody. >> i'm going to stay far. >> i noticed everybody is a nr inch away from m >> here is the question. >> what? >> should mr. geist have stayed home. >> ooh. oh, really? >> or should he have -- >> little late now. >> see, that's what happens. people who are sick then take it personal when you don't want them in. we love you. you are a valuable part of the family. >> i have to go. >> you're taking it all personal. >> i haven't touched anyone. >> but you're airborne and your saliva and i'm like this. >> sit back down. >> it was a leading question. >> >> you should stay at home. >> if you are ill -- >> contagious, shaky, do you come in? anybody else at home sick? >> george has a cough but not a sore throat. >> do you have a fever? that's my -- if you have a fever, that's when i call it. >> what the -- >> i'm out. >> can i go?
9:02 am
>> you guys start. i'm going to go get a lozenge. i'll be right back. >> a lozenge. >> that's an interesting question. you know, you should go to hash tag -- what's the hash tag? >> stay home or come to work. >> if someone's sick or you're sick, should you stay home or go to work? >> did you get a lozenge? >> can we get willie a warm, soothing beverage? >> little fevery, but we're good. >> he's feverish. >> breaking out in a sweat. >> i'm good. >> you are break out in a sweat. >> so i don't lose my voice -- >> al, go ahead. >> if you were with us earlier ebola fighters, which our viewers also chose. kent brantley on the cover. they have multiple covers featuring different faces of the
9:03 am
caregivers. >> so important because, obviously, the outbreak continues in west africa. >> 7,000 lives. >> absolutely, 7,000 lives lost. an important reminder of -- it's certainly well deserved. the efforts continue over there and they need to continue the ongoing fight. >> we did a survey on and asked our viewers who they think should win and overwhelmingly our viewers said the ebola fighters, their impact and even dr. kent brantley was going further and donating plasma. incredible effort by all of those. it impacts the world. >> "time's" editor earlier in the week said they choose -- this is something that's ongoing. â advance. never, meaning the global community, we've never had an advancement like this as related
9:04 am
to ebola. this is the worst outbreak of all times and they've discovered different things aboutbsñ the treatment which excludes, by the way, that serum we talked so much about. it was the fact that these caregivers in the united states were treated and survived and learned treatments> what's great about this, i think, is usually the person of the year, there's some debate. people are arguing about -- i don't think anybody is really debating the appropriateness of that choice. >> some people say it should be one person. in this case, i think this is the biggest -- >> kent brantley talked about how important it was to recognize all these different people. >> i'm glad when it's a positive person or persons rather than in the past -- >> you.g;apit was like, what? did you guys just give up? hey, let's do you. you. >> did you find it flattering that you were the person of the year? >> i didn't really think that i
9:05 am
was the person of the year. >> roker-thon, you are the person of the year. >> no, no, no. >> this is an incredible story. it is about exactly that, never giving up. a man went missing since thanksgiving. he is a sailor. and he was finally found alive yesterday after 12 days at sea. his name is ron ingraham, 67 years old, experienced sailor. aboard a i25-foot sailing vesse traveling from moloka'i, hawaii, to lanai. that's when his boat started to take on water. he did send out two mayday calls. again, an experienced sailor. he then lost all contact. the coast guard and the navy called off the search december 1st. 12 days later they got this distress call. >> we got a mayday here. mayday. this is the malia. anybody picking this up? >> amazing.
9:06 am
fortunately for him, the navy had a ship that was only three miles away. they were able to rescue him right away. >> he had enough food and water, i guess, to get through 12 days. >>zr little dehydrated but alive, uninjured. >> gives you hope. >> absolutely. another story that's incredible and certainly you don't see it every day, the woman on a plane gives birth. this is unbelievable story. here is what happened. southwest airlines flight takes v from san francisco en route to phoenix. the plane was suddenly diverted to lax. you can imagine passengers were like, what's going they don't want to create a stir. then here is what one paersseng had to say about it all. >> the pilot came on the speaker to say we were turning around, going back to l.a. they asked for scissors to cut the umbilical cord. glad everything turned(m out ok. it wasn't something you expect
9:07 am
to see but it looks like a healthy baby. >> did he say he cut the umbilical cord? >> they asked for scissors. >> you're on the plane. anybody have scissors? >> which you're not supposed to have on board. >> yeah, that's a good point. >> excellent point. >> i'm just saying. >> knives would work. >> surely the flight attendants have a first aid kit there, right? >> don't call me /vpshirley. >> i knew you were going to say it. >> nurse and doctor on board. >> airplane. talking about an airplane. i think it's perfectly logical to do that. speaking of airplanes -- >> i have to give an update on the baby. >> oh, i'm sorry, shirley. >> thank you. the baby's doing fine. >> do we have a name? >> no, we don't have a name. >> shirley. >> they don't have a name. they don't have a gender, but the baby is fine. >> the baby has a gender, we just don't know it. >> i said we don't know the gender. don't you dare do that. it's an adorable story.
9:08 am
>> isn't it amazing how many times these stories have happy endings of police and firefighters delivering babies? >> what's the rule for pregnancy when you fly? >> it depends on your doctor and it goes by the airlines. 36? >> 38 weeks, according to southwest. >> seven months, my doctor said, no more travel. i think i had a short flightyia boston+"l after that. >> did it cross your mind? >> there's good hospitals and good doctors on the other end of it. >> but in the middle -- >> but in the middle as you're onboard the flight, you just hope there's a doctor and nurse on board who know what to do. >> you can't even get nuts on the plane. have a baby on the plane. that'sút@fantastic. expedia airplane study, worst type of inflight annoyance besides me, rear seat kicker. >> i agree. >> the next one also is related, inattentive parents.
9:09 am
usually the rear seat kicker is the kid. >> or annoyed passenger at the person who is reclining their seat into their space. >> followed by the aromatic passenger. >> does that mean smelly? >> yes. >> incensensitive pdlcpassenger insensitive passenger, headphones booming like crazy. >> or no headphones. people do that now. >> personally, you can't really hear anything. there is the boozer. these are the folks who have travelled with kathie lee. >> no judgment on that one. no judgment there. >> and chatty kathy. >> oh, yeah. that's a tough one. >> sometimes i'll put the headphones on because i'm going to listen to something and people are still chatting. >> can you believe when a apparent doesn't stop a kid from kicking the seat? we're obsessed with our kids kicking the seat. >> then the kid escalates to
9:10 am
something far more disturbing than seat kicking. it's like crying and wailing. >> as long as you try. as long as the parent is trying. >> agreed. >> don't you think, though, they're worried -- if i say, don't you kick, the kid will start tantruming? >> no. you try to put a stop to it. >> the guy who gets up to go to the bathroom and pulls the head of your seat and then lets go. >> and your head hits the seat in front of you. >> what is that? >> they're trying to leverage themselves up. that's what the handles are for. >> you just have one. >> you have one. >> you're defending that guy? >> then you're like wiley coyote and hit that like a boulder. >> you're in the middle seat -- not the middle seat. window and you need to go to the
9:11 am
restroom and they won't move and you have to climb over. >> or they're sleeping. >> and you're -- >> sometimes i sit there and go, hey, hey. >> really, you're going to make me crawl, struggle over you to get to the bathroom? get to tráhcruel. m? >> here is a photo. >> okay. >> what do you think this is? >> penguins in the snow. >> that's a skyline somewhere, i would think. >> very good. >> is it? >> it is. yesterday, dense fog in dallas. >> dallas? >> that was a drone picture. somebody took a picture from a drone up above. >> those are people? they look like penguins. >> those are buildings. >> sky line of people. >> sky line of people. >> standing in the sky. they're all andre the giant. that's the best line of the year. >> those people are so small. >> and they're square. >> they are tall. >> look how tall they are. >> bird's-eye view of people. >> it was a bird's-eye view of
9:12 am
buildings. >> there are people in those buildings so technically -- >> i can't see. >> we've got nice people out there. look, look, it's a sky line. look at that. it's a sky line. a loth going on right now. lot of snow. tannersville, they've been getting snow. right now, not so much. it's going to keep pinwheeling around. in fact, some areas in 3dupsta new york looking at a foot and a half of snow. some areas as much as two feet of snow. this storm system, nor'easter, moves out. on the other coast, big storm system moving into the pacific northwest. heavy rain in portland today. it's going to be a rough one. and this system is going to push south. look at all the rain. northern california, we're talking some areas, five to tenn inches of rain. and then even far south, by friday, we're looking at anywhere from two to three inches of rain from san maria all the way down to san diego. there will probably be flash
9:13 am
flooding and mud slides out we are counting on some here in the bay area, as well. torrential rain on the way. temperatures for today will stay nice and mild, mostly dry until the evening, then the rain moves into the north bay. most of us won't see the heavy rain until tomorrow afternoon. heavy rain up in the north by, it stays there until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, pushing south of the golden gate bridge, from about noon to 7:00, downright dangerous conditions across the greater bay area. >> that's your latest weather. >> we have an update on my health. i actually don't have a fever. >> how do you know? had. >> tamron did that. >> you were seeking our pity? >> no. i have a terrible -- >> check the hash tag. should you stay home or come toñ 100%, stay home. >> i'm letting my colleagues down if i don't -- >> no, you're not.
9:14 am
>> the opposite? >> the opposite. >> if we get your cold -- >> i don't have a cold. >> here is the problem. >> barry white. >> your other job on "morning joe," you know, they would give you a hard time about not coming in. >> can i tell you something? >> he wasn't there. >> i didn't go to "morning joe." i only came here. it was one of those sleepless nights. >> he said joe and mika, i can't do that. >> we have to go to break, guys. did you not hear the producers? >> we're having a conversation. >> not really. up next, i don't know what this question means.3p did you ever notice a crease in your ear lobe? >> yes. >> what do you care? you're going to come in anyway. >> it could be nothing major or the sign of a more serious health problem. >> that
9:15 am
mm. you know what's gone? kevin? the aspartame in yoplait light - they took it out. oh yeah, it is gone. what's wrong with kevin? vo: yoplait light with 90 calories. smooth, creamy, and now aspartame-free.
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it's a movement disorder. so the part of your brain that affects the muscles and movement in your face, including your eye, which can cause fluttering, it can be a sign of that. if it's constant, you should talk to your doctor about it. there really isn't a cure. some people have tried botox to
9:20 am
paralyze the muscle. but definitely talk to your doctor about it. >> another one, excessive facial hair on women. this is actually a pretty common disorder it could be a symptom of. >> it could be genetic. if you have other things like a lot of acne, problems losing weight, it could be something called polycystic ovary disease, too much hormone, testosterone. they have infertility problems. it can lead to diabetes t causes insulin resistance. there are blood tests and treatment. >> what about dry mouth? what does that mean? >> right now my dry mouth? no. dry mouth could be nothing. but then there's a condition that's an auto immune disease that attacks the glands of all the mucous membranes, dry eyes, dry mouth.
9:21 am
venus williams is fighting for this. talk to your doctor. have you seen the emma, it's simple, when you are in a place like this,
9:22 am
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professional strength frizz ease. our powerful spray gives you smooth, frizz-free curls that are ready for anything. frizz ease. only from john frieda. taking a look at the headlines, americans are tipping the scale more than ever before, according to an annual report released today on the country's health. obesity rate increased from 27.6% to 29.4%, nearly a quarter of people report doing no physical activity or exercise in the last 30 days. a new study reveals processed sugar could play a significant role in overeating. researchers asked a group of young adults to drink a beverage containing glucose or high fructose corn syrup. they all showed increased activity in the reward center of
9:25 am
the brain. it was greater in the fructose group. 18% surveyed said they expect to be in debt the rest of their lives. that number has doubled since - whatd'ya get? - whatd'ya get? oh, whatd'ya get, dude? whatd'ya get? what did you get? i'm stuck - what'd he get private? - what'd he get? woo hoo! whatd'ya get? what is it? what is it? what is it? oh c'mon mate, open it already! i can't wait! oooooooooh! dude. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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you're watching today in the bay. >> and good morning. it's 9:26 on your wednesday. i'm sam brock. the bay area right now bracing for what is shaping up to be one of the strongest storms in years. work crews are out in force today trying to clear drains and limit potential flooding ahead of tomorrow's storm. a flash flood warning will take effect tonight. there's also high wind and surf advisories to start about the same time. in the meantime, protesting morphed into looting last night at emeryville right near berkley. demonstrators struck businesses on san pablo, including a pack and save, liquor store, and cvs. protesters also closed highway 24. no word yet on the total number of arrests. later this morning, the golden state warriors will be
9:27 am
unveiling design updates for the planned new arena in san francisco's mission bay. some critics mocking the look of the previous design, implying it resembles a toilet seat. the warriors believe they are on track to have the stadium in place by the start of the 2017 season. a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back now. the time is 9:28. taking a live look at the green hills surrounding san jose. more rain on the way and a lot of it. potentially more rain than we've had in over a decade. that's what we're counting on. starts tonight, but not before a really nice day, temperatures mostly in the 60s. here are your weather headlines. turning cloudy and windy for today. showers in the north bay by about 6:00. showers stay north of the golden gate bridge all the way through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, but before the wind presses south of the bridge, we're talking about really serious wind and, yeah, gusts to about 50 miles per hour frequently across the bay area. a little break over the weekend
9:29 am
before more rain moves in. i'll have the latest for you today during our midday broadcast. you won't want to miss that at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> quick look at palo alto, where it's easy here, but look at your map, slow coming down into the area, disabled tractor trailer over here causing a big slowdown as it is visible for south 101. northbound routes starting to recover nicely. compression through fremont not unusual. slower drive continues off highway 13 and here the oakland coliseum slowing around, well, high street and hayes. back to you. >> southbound 101 commute looking less than enjoyable. see you again in 25 minutes for more news, weather, and traffic.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's wednesday morning, december 10th, 2014. a happy crowd on the plaza. because i believe the rain has let up now. look at that. >> oh! >> how cute that baby is. >> waving to us. >> can we go get that baby? >> look tat the smile. >> i'll go get that baby. >> watch out for tamron. >> that's a little disturbing. >> can i go get that baby? >> baby snatcher. >> can i go get it? >> christine is on the case. >> i said can i go get it. >> can i go get it? >> that's southern. i want that baby. >> from a knitter, small scissors are allowed on the
9:31 am
plane. >> oh, really? that wouldn't be enough to cut a cord, would it? >> i don't know f it can cut some yarn, maybe it can cut a cord. i was covering the royals yesterday. >> right, right. >> i can't see you guys. i can hear you guys. >> there's a delay. >> a little bit of a delay. i heard there was a really interesting conversation around this time of the morning. take a listen. just a listen because you can't watch remember? >> the full guy, the big guy. >> literally the big guy. >> how big is it? >> i'll give you a sense. hold on just a sec. come here, big guy. oh, he's tied down. >> hold on. >> oh. oh! >> just so you guys aren't lonely while i'm doing the weather. >> nice. >> that's what i heard. >> there you go. >> the whole time i'm like, what are they talking -- >> you said yesterday, what were you guys talking about? >> "fifty shades of grey."
9:32 am
we were talking about this guy. >> the big guy you were talking about. >> the mensch on a bench. >> that's the big guy. >> it sounds awful. >> that's the best audio only since beyhr grill. >> mensch on the bench, answer to elf on a shelf. we have a new one coming out, punk on a bunk. >> adam has been waiting all morning to say that one. >> what? >> he tried that earlier. >> we didn't laugh the first time. >> you think i'm concerned about that? >> and he sleeps with it in his bed. that's what he just said in my ear. did we find the baby? >> we'll get the baby in a second. >> check of the weather? >> let's show you the weather before we show you the baby. for today, snowy, icy, rainy
9:33 am
conditions in the northeast, new england with a lot of wind. we're also looking at a lot of rain in the pacific northwest, northern california. sunny, but chilly through the gulf coast. then for tomorrow, look for more sunshine in the southeast. again, cooler than normal temperatures. rain in the pacific northwest and we're looking at snow still hanging around the northeast and new england. 9:33. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a look at a little bit of fog, a thin veil here over the golden gate bridge. not a lot left over, but you'll notice a mostly cloudy sky and wind increasing. we're expecting our first showers in the north bay through this evening. temps in the 60s for today. rain arrives in sonoma county between 6:00 and 8:00. it will stay north of the golden gate bridge tonight and tomorrow morning, then presses south through the afternoon hours, downright treacherous driving conditions.
9:34 am
that's your latest weather. >> pretty shocking stat, 300 hours of individuvideo uploaded youtube every single minute. can you only imagine, right, the amount of viral minutes that have people cooking and sharing. >> the top 20 videos of the year, youtube's head of culture and trend -- i love that name. >> thank you. >> that's right. you we you are kind of our minutister culture and trend. >> unboxing videos, technology review videos. and this is a video that was produced by that guy actually from toronto. he was testing something that a lot of his fans, millions of subscribers want to know, can you bend the iphone.
9:35 am
>> he did. >> he did. >> this video was watched 50 million times to seek it out, if it was real. >> did it impact the sale of the iphone? >> i don't think it did. >> the singi ining nun. >> sister christina from "the voice" in italy. >> the reaction when they turn around. >> all very shocked. and she actually has gone on to -- she won "the voice." she has an album that came out. >> she's on our program. >> number three, first kiss showing strangers literally kissing for the first time. >> that's right. one of the more artistic videos that made the list this year. >> i remember this. >> watched over 90 million times. film makers got 20 people together to see what it would look like when they kissed for the first time. so many different parodies and reactions. >> jimmy fallon did first lick. >> one of the very many funny
9:36 am
parodies. >> ahh. i thought it would be jimmy licking people. very cute. world cup, really huge. >> huge online this year. the ads in the world cup were also very popular. nike had one of the biggest ads where they got the biggest soccer stars together for this ad. that was one of the big ads for the year. >> awesome. mutant giant spider dog. >> that's right. the number one trending video. >> that's amazing. >> it's been watched over 100 million times. it's a polish prankster who dressed his dog up like a giant spider. >> so rude. >> watched 20 million times in one day when it first came out. >> in one day? >> in one day. top searched halloween costumes, which was spider dog. >> devil baby attack, kind of goes along with this. >> i heard you like this one. it's your favorite. >> well, we had -- yeah.
9:37 am
>> these prank -- another popular prank video. this is a promotion for the movie "devil's due." they went around new york and had this baby frightening people. it's been watched almost 50 million times this video. these guys last year that made this made the telekinetic coffee shop prank. >> that's amazing. that's mind -- >> think mogo. >> to counteract that devil baby, we have a better baby. >> my baby? >> your baby. >> go see your baby. thank you so much, kevin. >> natalie's with her. >> elijah along with mom and dad from vermont. she loves microphones. >> that's not sanitary. that's not good. >> she was laughing up a storm at you. >> before this gets creepy, up next, kids will never want to get, it may surprise you. angelina reveals all in tamron's
9:38 am
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9:42 am
grab your mugs. my baby over there has her bottle. >> my baby. >> that doesn't sound right. >> speaking of people who have lots of babies, brad pitt and angelina jolie, are they letting their kids get tattooed. jolie revealed two of her children asked if they could get tatd up. and her dad is not a fan of ink. how do i say no? and more sensitive when a daughter gets a tattoo. brad thinks the girls can do know wrong. he's mush in my hands. i remember when telling my dad i got my first tattoo, he had a blank stare of disapprovement
9:43 am
and moved on. >> how do you do that. not do as i do and do as i say. what do you say? have that tramp stamp. i was a lot bigger when i got it originally and now -- you detainee even know what it is. started as a butterfly and now looks like a weird elephant. >> that's what the guy said doing my tattoo said be careful what you get and where you put it, a person had a bumble bee and now a big butterfly. >> i didn't get that one. >> nicole kidman is speaking about keith urban. she and her country singer hubby got hitched after less than a month of dating. she tells the magazine, i'm spontaneous and jumped in and we got married before getting to know each other. they have been married eight years and have two children. what do they say, can you get married too soon? >> i think so. >> really? do you ever really know them?
9:44 am
>> i think it's good to know if they're in debt. like gambling debt or anything els else. >> sounds like you. >> thnatalie is, like what's yo credit score and takes 30 days to get it. >> we will like avril and she has a mystery illness. the 33-year-old singer sparked worries among her fans after responding to a fan who said praying for avril and saying thank you. and she verified to be her authentic account by the people where lavigne says i feel bad because i've not been able to say anything to fans to let them know why i'm absent and quite torn and quite private. i'm not feeling well and having issues, so please keep me in your prayers. obviously our thoughts go with her. billboard also confirmed she is
9:45 am
not pregnant as some speculated. we reached out to avril and we have not heard back. again, our thoughts are with her. >> okay. >> that does it for the pop. getting caught up on those things and back after this. feel better, avril. back after this. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater?
9:46 am
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9:49 am
it's also delivering on the other attributes that patients want out of a sensitivity toothpaste, delivering a complete package. i think dentists are going to want to recommend sensodyne complete protection. it's going to be a breath of fresh air for them. not something we like to think about much, but three-quarters of us will need long-term care some day. not just for your parents but you need to start thinking about it for yourself. >> the author of "planning for long-term care for dummyies," carol and jean chatzky. >> good morning. >> it's not really your grandmother's long-term care. it's a far wider range of options. and it goes on for longer periods of time, involves many more choices.
9:50 am
and i think it's very exciting to have opportunities that are person-centered, not based on what institution need. but it's also condition fusing and complicated. >> so you need to do your homework now. >> you need to do a lot of homework now. >> it's expensive, no question. if you're talking about bringing somebody in to your home to care for you, that can run $40,000 to $75,000 a year. assisted living can be $40,000 a year, nursing hoenl can be 75 a year. penal look at these numbers and think i can't do that so i'm not going to do anything which, as carol and i were talking about, that's a huge mistake. >> who picks up that tab? do insurance companies generally provide for that? does medicaid cover all that have? >> medicaid will step in, in certain cases. often it's the family taking time off work or stepping in to bring a family member in to your home and gets paid for in a
9:51 am
piecemeal kind of way. >> most of the long-term care in this country is provided by families, nearly 80%. families don't get paid. >> right. >> the other options where you do have to lay out money that are confusing. but that's at one end. most of the care -- i did this for 17 years with my late-husband. so i know how hard it is. >> starting from scratch, carolyn, what's a good place to start? >> a good place to start is where you are. i would say start today. think about where you live, where your parent lives, what can you do to make that more comfortable, safer and more accessible. and those are modest expenses that can make a big difference, preventing falls, which is the reason most people wind up in nursing homes or other facilities. >> right.
9:52 am
>> what do i really want? who are the important people in my life? >> how much of retirement should go toward long-term care and how much should you putting aside for it? >> understand your retirement will fund your long term care in a lot of ways. even if you can just increase your contribution one or two percent a year until you're maxing out, that is a huge, huge deal. >> carolyn jean, really important. thank you both for being here. if you do have questions for jean about financial planning go to our website she'll answer them. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> announcer: "today's" health is brought to you by genworth.
9:53 am
9:54 am
we are so fortunate. our toy drive has surpassed the $10 million mark this year all
9:55 am
thanks to you. >> from "hunger games: mocki mockingjay part one," good to see you. first thing's first. the ladies have been admiring your shoes, theme to the shoes. >> hello kitty seen. >> what have you brought with you? >> my hello kitty belt, which i was excited about. >> i was a big fan of hello kitty growing up. are you still a huge fan is this. >> i'm still a huge fan. i have to admit it. >> necklace and all? >> growing up, definitely. me and high friends were playing around with hello kitty stuff. >> it is the ultimate girly girl. >> it is. >> with attitude and sass. >> congratulations on all the success. >> thank you. it's been an amazing experience. such an incredible cast.
9:56 am
what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, everyone. 9:56:i'm scott mcgrew. happening now, another morning of cleanup in the east bay after protests got out of hand again last night. some demonstrators turned into looters targeting businesses along san pablo in emeryville,
9:57 am
including a pack and save, liquor store, and cvs. we talked to police this morning, they told us they needed extra help to cover all that chaos. >> we were ready for it as best we could, we're a small agency, only 13 officers on last night. but this is something that shouldn't happen in our city and it's very frustrating for us. >> no word yet on the number of arrests. protesters, of course, still angry over the grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york city. the bay area bracing for a huge storm tomorrow. it's being touted as the largest in years. crews out clearing drains and lots of people sand bagging, as well. let's check your weather right now. >> hey, thanks. you know, upper 50s are bearable, not too cold out there, but this is our last day with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow all these numbers crash, but before we get that cold air, we've got a lot of rain and wind to get through. this storm system is potent.
9:58 am
there's a flash flood warning in place for the entire bay area tonight. all the way through tomorrow night. in addition to that, really fierce wind on the way to the bay area and potentially eight inches of rain in the high elevations, two to four in san jose. latest today at 11:00. first, here's mike and your drive. >> oakland, still slow, a lot of low clouds right here. look at your maps, focus is on the bay bridge coming in, also in the north bay shows slowing south 101 from san rafael. recovery now from the san mateo and dunbarton bridges, also into palo alto, earlier issue is cleared at marsh past the airport. that's slow for the south bay, but that's about it. otherwise looking good. back to you. >> all right, mike, thanks. another update in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everybody! it's wines day wednesday, december 10th. you don't need to adjust your television. those rabbit ears that you have, right? we want to welcome "weekend today" chanel jones who is sitting in for hoda today. >> i love her spirit and hair and no particular order and hope her vibes come through and i get hoda hair. >> you are like her. you a sunny person. you have a great disposition.
10:01 am
you've only been here two months and everybody fell in love you with the first week you're here. he is sends her love. every morning we do a thing we have, "have a great show!" and she called me from l.a. to say the same thing so she is out there for a very special thing. today was announced that the most powerful woman in the entire world of hollywood and all of show business. >> the world. >> in the whole world. they release their most list of powerful women in entertainment and we were left off. the drum roll is bonnie hammer. chairman of nbc universal cable entertainment. >> she oversees ten networks including usa bravo and oxygen and sprout and has my house pretty much on lock. >> 129 million americans tune into one hf her channels every week. shows like "royal pain" and usa "real housewives" on bravo and
10:02 am
the kardashians and making nbc the number one cable network for, can you imagine? nine years. nine years. she's a doll and the type of person when you meet her she doesn't exude power in the way one would think. she is a lovely person to be around and she has an amazing reputation for being the greatest boss in the world. >> what everybody thinks. >> but we think we have that in tammy and shovan. >> where are they? there she is. everybody thinks she is fair and the kind of boss you would want to do. >> yeah. and have a glass of wine with. >> that's what people say good things behind your back, we like that and they like her. >> by the way, i give this to you. they gave it to me today. i'm dreaming of a white christmas but if the white runs out, i'll drink red! >> you are so right. >> she is a chardonnay girl. >> i'm 4'11" so we will be rockin' and rolling by 11:00.
10:03 am
>> pace yourself. look thank you for sending us that. >> i want everybody to get to know you so tell us about that. >> this has been a big year and adventure for my family. i have two 5-year-olds and we just moved to new york city as my 5-year-old says. i pulled these off of my iphone. >> i watched you do it this morning. >> one christmas i want everybody to have a holiday card from me and the kids. a little binky tell but that in a second. the other twin claire josephine we call her clara. two of my new year's resolution -- oh, there is my husband! >> that is denzel washington! >> kind of. >> he is handsome. my gosh! who else thinks he looks like denzel? >> really? denzel? i didn't do so bad, had you? the key i met him when he was 17 and he didn't look like that. >> you guys are high school
10:04 am
sweethearts? >> we are. he might kill me but maybe he isn't watching. his hair didn't connect yet so it didn't connect so that second year sophomore year in college he had all of this facial hair so i was with him before that. >> you were facially connected. >> one love of your life? >> one in high school and this is the guy. >> he is a keeper. one of our guests is coming up in a little bit. we have a guy on today who tells the four main reasons why you're a lousy husband. band. you cannot believe how honest this guy is. >> i think it's good stuff to get into. i was going to forward that to my husband, but i didn't want him to get the wrong idea. >> sounds like he's doing -- >> he's a good guy. >> you had your first night out last night knowing that you wouldn't be in for hoda. >> i never go out. three kids under 5, as you can imagine. last night i'm working on a story called "eat with." you can sign up to have dinner with complete strangers. >> which is my idea of hell.
10:05 am
>> it was fantastic. i thought so, too. let me tell you. the chefs are people who are not professional chefs, maybe an accountant by day but have a passion for cooking. >> darn good chefs. >> amazing. my dessert alone chai chocolate cheesecake. >> so tell me, you get online. >> yes, you sign up. it's called "eat with." they have them in new york city. >> the big thing to do now. $50 you bring your own wine. >> you walk in, and you never know who you're going to meet. >> say i'm a complete stranger. what would you do? >> the first thing you do is say hi. nobody does match what do you do?" >> that's what i was going to ask you first. so far it's a lousy party. >> what's interesting, a lot of the people are single. but there was one girl i really admired, 24 years old, just moved to new york city. doesn't know a lot of people.
10:06 am
she signed up. you walk into a room, sit at a roundtable and there's a woman who is giving you her best. amazing. panoramic views of the city. it was my first night out. i ended up going to midnight. four hours later, this is true, mommy, i can't find my pacy. i'm holding my cell phone looking around the room for a pacy. >> that's what we call a binky. >> used to sanitize it. >> the dog has been sucking on it. so what. >> i don't even suck on it anymore. true story now. give me like three weeks, i'm going to try to be pacy free. >> i'll tell you what worked for me. my daughter didn't want to have a pacifier. he was in love with his binky. he's a gorgeous hunk now, but got him off at it. we threw it out.
10:07 am
i blamed the garbage man. i said, cody, the garbage man took it. for the next year, every garbage truck he goes "that guy took my binky." he had issues, needed therapy. it worked. >> you know what it is? i'm afraid there's two of them at once. there have been times when we lose them and we say, we're not going to buy anymore, don't you crack, don't you crack. in the middle of the night, i find myself in cvs looking for payies. >> once you wean them, you'll put on a coat you haven't worn and they're in every pocket. >> like socks. they disappear. are you loving your new life? >> i have to say. it's only been two weeks, not even. it's fantastic. i'm sitting with you. i have wine. what should we talk about? >> the only people having as much fun as you and i -- by the
10:08 am
way, bianca is cooking up her let me man bars from my new book "good gifts" benefiting the salvation army. i see you over there getting j$%ñm/y[ñ on other people talk. and when other people are talking, i'm getting paid when they're talking. >> want to see me vogue? check it out. come on. vogue ♪ let your body move with the
10:09 am
music ♪ ♪ before the king, rum, pum, pum, pum ♪ >> it's disturbing. >> creepy. >> but you can't take your eyes away from it. ricky is going to be here with us tomorrow. so excited. this guy, four big mistakes one guy says he made that ended his marriage. who is not going to stick around for that? >> he shares the brutal honest truth. don't let it happen in your truth. don't let it happen in your ma looking for one of these?
10:10 am
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10:11 am
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the possibilities are delicious.
10:13 am
the end of a marriage is never ease zichlt that's especially true when you realize it might have been mostly your fault. >> that feeling can leave some guys rattled, like this scene from the movie "good-bye to all that." >> you're getting divorced? >> how did you hear that? i didn't have told anybody. >> that's horrible, horrible. you think of yourself as the biggest loser ever, right? >> well, really i don't know what's happening. i muddle through my days. i'm stunned. >> well, musician dad and your tango writer serge bianca came to the realization he made four mig mistakes and blog about it
10:14 am
in the post. and psychiatrist ish major is here. >> this is recent, not something you had years to think about. >> no. it's fairly sudden. i think with divorce, yes, i never dreamed that i would be married in the first place. i got married, had kids. and then i never dreamed i would be divorced. i'm not sure which one i'm worse at. >> how old are your kids? >> my kids are 5, violet is 5, henry is 3 and charlie is nine months. >> your divorce is almost final? >> yes. >> ish, is it healthy he's here writing this blog? >> i think it's very cathartic. hindsight is 20/20. he's got laser vision for us now to share lessons that we can learn. >> let's start with the four. >> mistake number one, you said you got fat. what did you mean by that? >> mostly i mean that metaphorically speaking, meaning i got lazy.
10:15 am
i certainly did get fat. i drank too many beers just sitting on the couch. more than that, i stopped concentrating on the fact that there's someone else sharing my life with me. >> equally important. >> i'm sure she would probably say something to the same effect, that we both became lazy, concentrating on one another, thinking about our life together. >> is that a matter of taking everybody for granted? >> absolutely right. he touched on it. continue to do the work, continue to date. you've got to do the killer b, be kind, be compassionate, be flirty, be sexy. you have to continue to work. >> i was about to say, number two you said sex was all about you. >> yes, it was. i'm embarrassed to say that on national tv. maybe it will help some people. i believe that sex should be fun, it should be awesome. >> for everybody. >> for everyone involved. >> we don't judge if there's five or six people there.
10:16 am
it should be fun for everybody. >> right. the communication part of it is such a huge thing i'm finding out after the fact. >> you should have talked through -- >> should she say this is not good for me? >> she did. she would tell me thinks in the bedroom. >> and you ignored her? >> i didn't ignore her. i would say why is she talking right now? >> oh! >> all the guys are going yeah, yeah. >> all the women are going oh! >> ish, this is a common problem? >> a big problem because when you get married, you stop communicating. here is what guys fail at foreplay. when she wakes up in the morning, say good morning, beautiful, how did you sleep? >> i would say good morning. >> number three, you didn't help pay the bills. >> i helped pay the bills in the sense that i made money. i always had a job, didn't lay around playing video games. however, my wife was very good with finances, and i just
10:17 am
allowed her to take over paying the bills. >> you were relieved probably. >> in a sense i would think, okay, i mow the lawn, you pay the bills. looking back on it, if i had just made an effort and said, can i help, can i sit down with you once a week, once a month even and maybe help you. >> figure this out. >> even if i don't understand what's going on. >> sometimes we don't want to handled everything, even if we're capable. >> we want to feel like partners in things. >> exactly. >> it would have gone a long way. >> the fourth one. >> number four, you said things you can never take back. >> i certainly did. i think anybody that has ever been through a rough relationship, you have these habit energies that you might go to where you turn into someone that throws things or someone that gets angry. for me it was words. i used words as weapons. >> so painful. >> it's worse than anything i can imagine. it's a form of abuse in a sense. >> we have to go.
10:18 am
we could talk to you all day long. ish, is he on the road to having -- >> next relationship is going to be fabulous because you've learned the lessons and moved on and taking the time to heal. that's the most important thing. >> don't forget those kids in the process. you be a great daddy to them, too. >> thanks. thanks for having me. if you want to read the original blog posting go to checking off your gift list, whether a sports fan at that timic or a guy that likes to chill, the best holiday gifts for under $100. how to get the
10:19 am
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♪ he found it cleans everything... whefrom stove tops...d writing a book about his magic eraser scuffed shoes, and more. and when ran out of pages, he made a website instead. share your tips at how many times have you pulled out your tweezers to do your eyebrows and only take it too far. that's why i let sonia from sonia's brow bar do it this morning. >> or do you have brows so unruly no matter what you do,
10:22 am
you can't get them to have any shape? >> don't let those brows become your arch enemy. we're here with tips on how to keep them good. >> good morning. >> they really can make or break your face. they can make you look tired. when they're done right, you can get away with less makeup and it can give your eyes a lift. >> people literally follow women who shape eyebrows on instagram. >> we have great products to do at home. ann marie is an example of someone who has overtweezed and they don't go back. with a little help from our products, let's see the after. quite a big difference. the key s so many people don't know how to fill in their brows. these are stencils. you literally place it over here and then you want to take a powder, this is from urban decay, their brow box. it also has a wax to really seal it in. >> you like the powder better than a pencil.
10:23 am
>> you can use both. i do like this powder because it has the two different colors. you can get that rat natural effect and the wax seals it in. >> i love my pencil, i do. >> but for so many women -- >> a frightening thing for women. men, too. we'll get to you. this is vanessa, an example of someone who has misshaped brows. she doesn't know how to go about tweezing. let's see your after. quite impressive. now the key is, this is how you can find the perfect arch. take a basic bic pencil and lin up from your nose to the outer corner of your iris. slowly glide it over to the edge of your brow. that's how you know to tweeze. this is a great marker from laura merciar. light, feathery strokes. and then a brow gel afterwards.
10:24 am
>> to keep it in place. >> it's colored so it gives that little extra pop. >> people are going thicker now, too. >> more natural. >> we've got a nice guy here. who do we have here? we can't forget about the boys. >> this is pat. you don't want to go crazy. it's about a tune-up, nothing too dramatic. >> a tidy up. >> suggest trimming one or two lines of hair. pat, let's see your after. >> i like it. you're right. not too dramatic. cleans them up a little bit. >> you really need the tweezer, this is from remy. it allows you to get every hair. let's check out his pain threshold. >> do you tweeze usually? >> no, i don't. >> do you have a person in your life that says, honey, you need to tweeze? >> yes, i do. >> whoever did your ears did a fine job. thank you all so much, thank
10:25 am
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10:27 am
as well, and there's a high wind and high surf advisory starting tonight, as well. crews out in force, clearing the drains ahead of the storm. pg&e bracing for outages. everybody should have nonperishable food in case your refrigerator goes out, flashlights, batteries, bottled water. charge your cell phone now in case the power goes out later. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren.
10:29 am
the calm before the storm. temps in the 50s and we're going to end up in the 60s for today. so really kind of last day with actually mild temperatures out there. after this system moves in, it's going to bring a lot of rain, wind, and cold air with it, as well. it's the rain and wind combined that we're really concerned about. we're talking about frequent gusts to 50 miles per hour, a saturated ground maybe up to eight inches of rain for parts of the bay area, so the storm reports are expected. we'll get a little break over the weekend, then more rain on monday. we'll have your full forecast tracking the storm hour by hour today at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> over towards berkley through the haze, see westbound still a little slow. good congestion out there. eastbound we had construction crews traveling north, as well. there's the flashing lights north of university. there's the slower drive, 580 recovering, but that's about it for the morning commute in the east bay. no problems 880, and 101 slow through san mateo, clear through san jose, but 237, delay.
10:30 am
that's about it for the south bay. otherwise good. back to you, scott. >> all right. full storm preps at 11:00 next newscast. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday ready to play "who knew." i'm shienelle jones sitting in for hoda. today kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who gets the questions right. those who don't, get one of her fabulous cds. it's a win-win. here we have the resident language expert at buzzfeed, emmy. >> this is princess betsy from ithaca. it's your birthday. i hope you get what you want today, kathie lee's signify. to signify something happens rarely, it is common to use the phrase once in a blue moon.
10:31 am
according to nasa a blue moon occurs once every 2 1/2 years, 10 years or 100 years? >> a. >> yeah. >> she got it. i'm impressed. >> it's actually not as infrequent as you might think. a blue moon is defined as the second full moon in a calendar month. according to nasa it happens once every 2 1/2 years. >> number two. >> this lovely girl is bundled up, she's from lakeland. in your phrase mind your p's and qs, does it stand for puppets and queens, puppets and pranksters or points and quarts? >> i'm going to go with c. >> genius. >> the most common theory is back in the day they used to serve beer in points and quarts. if a bar tended wanted to tell a
10:32 am
patron they were getting out of hand, they would tell the person to mind their p's and q's. now it means to we are on a roll! >> i love thee. ryan from lancaster. pennsylvania barking up the wrong tree is believed to have been inspired by hunting dogs, kids climbing trees, tree bark. >> hunting dogs. >> wait a minute! is it always this perfect? i don't know. i didn't know that either. >> yeah. so. back in the day dogs that were helping their hunters out, if they were literally barking up a wrong tree, if the prey in the tree and the prey would move to the wrong tree, they were barking up the wrong tree. >> it makes sense. didn't know that. we're on a roll. the pressure is on. >> i don't like the roll. this lady is from tampa. in medieval england, hosts would serve a cold piece of meat to signify it was time to leave. what popular saving is this practice credited with inspiring, cold shoulder, cold
10:33 am
turkey or humble pie. >> b, cold turkey. >> finally! >> what's the answer? >> the answer is cold shoulder. in medieval england, when a host would have a big feast, even though the cold shoulder now is considered something rude, it actually is derived from a polite gesture. when a feast was being given, the host would signify that it was time to leave by serving a cold peace of meat from the shoulder. >> a random piece of knowledge. time for one more. >> another lady from tampa. the saying "more than you can shake a stick at" is inspired by teachers and students, farmers and sheep, brothers and sisters? >> b. >> yep. you're supposed to be happy. quickly, what's that one? >> farmers control the direction their sheep were going by shaking a stick at them. if they had more sheep than they could actually control, it was thought to be more than you could shake a stick at.
10:34 am
>> amy, i feel a little smarter this morning. thank you for coming in. here is a saying you hear a lot. what do you do for the guys that has everything? we'll bounce a few guys off you to find that perfect present after this. three years ago in spin class, katy's starin' at this studmuffin, so i did a little cyber-snoopin' and... the dude had way too many selfies on instagram... uh oh! but he passed my inspection... and the rest is history! to katy and ryan! vo: make us part of your family. look for nutritious dairy brands with the real california seals. cow: now about those selfies... the bed reacts to your body. this zips off so i can wash it-yes, please.
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it's time for our holiday gift guide. with hand-ku less than a week away, we've enlisted the help of three great guys with perfect presents for every taste. tech gifts is digital lifestyle expert mario armstrong. hello, merry everything. >> how are you? >> i'm great. check this out. the spin chill, it makes any warm drink cold in 60 seconds, beer, wine, sodas ch you attach this to it. only like $29. spin it in ice. 60 seconds, from the middle out it makes everything cold. guys would love this in the summertime. >> you can rechill something, too.
10:39 am
awesome. >> so now shower speakers because we like to listen to our music or maybe podcasts in the shower. this is a little different. i'm going to play hole cue day music. >> from charlie brown. >> yes, it is. i can get lost many this song. this speaker is great. it actually works in the shower. it's waterproof and it can take phone calls. >> what? >> who wants to talk on the phone in the shower. >> if you don't want to get out of the shower to answer the phone. >> all right. this is for the guy in your life that loses everything. these are little tiles that can be attached to anything. i have them attached to my set of keys. i can use my phone and go find the tile. it will show me a map on my phone as well as make an auditory noise is i can actually hear it. >> i'm waiting for the auditory --. >> it's coming. >> but you can barely hear that. is there a volume control on that? >> be real quiet, you can hear it. >> what's this? >> put that on your guy. >> you put it on your guy.
10:40 am
these are sleep phones. these connect to your phone either wired or wirelessly, mini speakers inside this soft fleece head band. you can listen to audio books or listen to light noise. if your partner is a snorer, this is great for you. >> thank you, mario. something for mamma. last but not least, the best back panel. anything you want to carry your stuff in, this is made by cocoon. >> all organized. up to shienelle upstairs. >> now gifts for the home and the guy that likes to chill and grill. frank fontana, the chief contributing editor for "inspire home." keep the party going. >> rock and roll first with our drink to get the night started. these are whiskey glasses from rabbit. you put them in the freezer the night before, they chill from
10:41 am
the outside in. so no diluted whiskey anymore. if ice is your thing, this is cool, this is from neat ice. it pre freezes a lot of ice -- pour the water in there and make five different specialty ices. >> are you making your own ice cubes right now? >> an ar tease nall. omaha steaks put together a great package called the grilling celebration. it's around $90. >> $90 for all this? >> six different meats plus a stuffed baked potato, a four-set. >> this is a win. >> that's a win. to took your steaks, a cast iron pan from lodge. it comes out of the box preseasoned which is always the issue. this goes right from the box onto the grill. >> i like it. >> our multi smart -- this is really cool, the griller, eight in one tools, flashlight, thermometer, spach lar. you name it. the guy who grills will die for
10:42 am
this. >> guys like their tools. something new, a little techy. >> this is a himalayan salt rock. it can cook, go in the freezer or you can plate it just like this. you could throw this on the grill, and it gives that enhanced sodium flavor, that salt flavor. >> it really looks like you know what you're doing if you have something like that. >> if anybody wants more information, we can get this on back to kathie lee. >> we'll finish off with great gifts for the sports lovers. clint carter, senior associated editor for men's health magazine. i hear little engine going. >> there is a motor. this is a gift guys never grow out of. it's got this su automatic ball return. >> because guys are lazy. >> you can sit on the couch and make baskets all day, make it. shoots it right back to you. >> fun. what's that cost? >> $50. >> wow.
10:43 am
>> a bargain. for the golfer, the hardest part about golfing at least in my situation is chasing golf balls down in the woods. these glasses have blue lenses which means everything white appears to glow. it makes it easy to find a golf ball. spend more time on the fairway and less time -- >> how much? >> $40. a guy walks in at the end of the day, sees the target, throws his keys at them and makes the bullseye. never loses his keys. if he sees the wife's keys there already in the bullseye, it brings out the competitive spirit. it can be the whole thing. >> game day socks. anyone with the superstition will like these, you can get your favorite player. it's a lot of responsibility because you have to wear them to make sure your team is win sglg are you allowed to wash them? >> not during season. can't wash them during season.
10:44 am
only $16 for these. my favorite, you can get a custom fat head of the athlete in your life. >> who would want us? >> or you can get your favorite "today" show host. they make all the logos, but you can get a guy stepping up at the corporate softball league, anything like that. >> perfect. thanks so much. one way to a guy's heart is through his stomach. we have today we're checking out some of the top gifts that walmart has at unbeatable prices. and i'm going to show you how to wrap them. first we have the beats pill xl- now that's a tough one to wrap, melissa. i would just wrap it like a piece of candy! okay. next, for the kids, a zoomer dino! good luck wrapping that. this is when a gift bag comes in handy! well now, an amazing kitchenaid stand mixer. stumped you on this one, didn't i? nope. you're good. it's a gift. get to walmart for the top 100 gifts at unbeatable prices. or, order online for free shipping by christmas. more ways to christmas joy.
10:45 am
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10:49 am
to our special shine the light series, we have spent the better part of this whole year focusing on products to give back. i've chosen the salvation army with a book i've written called "good gifts," one year in the heart of a home. >> a beautiful book. all the proceeds go to the salvation army. the beautiful photos inside are partly due to the wonderful work
10:50 am
of today's director of culinary production, be anika food bore just. today we have a real treat. she'll make a variation of her fabulous lemon bars featured inside. there they are. thank you for all your help on the book. you were amaze sglg thank you for the opportunity to work on that. >> it was fun, wasn't it? >> the pictures just bring you right in. >> my friend from "people" xd magazine, brian doban took the good pictures. the rest are my iphone. you can tell who took what. >> show us how to make the magic. >> classic lemon bars are in the book. we'll do a variation on orange bars, these are coming into season and you can see the color. they'll get even darker as the season goes on. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> i will be eating all day. >> we'll use the zest of the lemon or the orange as well as the juice. we have to take the zest off
10:51 am
first. >> what am i doing? >> in or dore get the zest off without getting too much of the white tip, very lightly scrape and keep rotating. the mang thing is to not press too hard. >> you make it look so easy. >> it gets easy. >> keep your finger out of the way. >> that's it. you want -- very pale there. that's what you have left. >> that's all you need. >> we're going to do four of them for the blood orange. first we'll make the crust. we have in here flower and confectioner sugar. put that on and pulse it. not until it makes a ball. >> you don't want a soufflet. >> exactly. >> i'll dump this in. use something flat. this is a little trick. >> like like this? >> and press it down very lightly. >> what does that do?
10:52 am
>> it helps keep it level and it bakes evenly. >> who knew? >> we have nine yolks and three eggs h. is the blood orange juice after you zest the orange. >> it's all so fresh. i think that's what you can taste. >> a beautiful color, too. and a little bit of lemon juice. you want a little tanginess in there. the eggs work together to thicken. >> smell vision. >> yes. >> sugar? >> how much? >> two cups. >> so you cook that until it thickens. then it looks like this. see that texture? this is known as curd. the english love those words. then you need to strain it because you want to strain out all the zest or it gets bitter. this is a very fine strainer. more butter. >> of course.
10:53 am
>> you put that through like this. the hot curds over the butter. >> that looks so yummy. pre bake your crust halfway. when i was little, i would do that. >> you can find the recipes on our website. if you'd like to purchase the book, go to all proceeds to the salvation army. >> oh, my goodness. >> aren't they amazing? we'll be right back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
forgot to say if you're in the los angeles area, go to christmas land. we'd like to thank all of you for making our 21st anti toy drive such a success. >> one of the biggest challenges is getting enough gifts for boys. our generous partner is helping us with that.
10:57 am
>> willy will corf is chief marketing officer. good to see you, willy. >> peak chew, what does this do? >> the battle ready picachu. he makes a variety of different sounds which is kind of neat. >> i would have those all over my bedroom. >> we're going to donate over $165,000 in toys this year. >> even he is excited. thank you so much. remember, you have until the 19th to donate on our plaza or online at i want to thank the amazing shienelle jones. so great to work with you this morning. rick difficult gervais will be here. plus ho
10:58 am
ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant!
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11:00 am
nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, this calm before the storm. no cliche this time. people up and down the bay preparing for heavy rain, strong winds. that system forming right off the pacific coast. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with scott mcgrew. we have team coverage on the issue. sarah benitez joins us from san francisco, damian trujillo is on the peninsula where sand bags are going fast. >> let's start with meteorologist christina loren and her radar. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott, kris. i want to show you how powerful this system is as it


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